Getting started

Software Development Kits

Don’t want to write all the REST API code yourself? Why not use an MIT-licensed open source software development kit in your favorite language?

Why use a SDK?

The REST API v4 is very easy to use. Most programming languages provide tools to easily call REST APIs with little extra work. But if you use a ProjectManager software development kit, you get more:

  • Save yourself time and effort by using pre-written integrations
  • Get notifications whenever a new release of the API is available
  • Easily find the API you want using autocomplete in your favorite IDE
  • See all the documentation from this website by hovering over an API call or data model

So if you’d like to try out a ProjectManager SDK, read on.

SDK license terms

All ProjectManager example code and software development kits are published under the MIT license. This license is intended to be as friendly for business use as possible. It permits full and unrestricted use, distribution, and copying for any purpose.

For more information on source code licensing, we encourage you to read the LICENSE file in each repository.

Available SDKs

ProjectManager publishes software development kits for API v4 in a variety of programming languages.

LanguageSource CodePackage
projectmanager-sdk-csharpNuGet - Version
Python / Jupyter
projectmanager-sdk-pythonPyPI - Version
projectmanager-sdk-typescriptNPM - Version
projectmanager-sdk-javaMaven Central
Example Codeprojectmanager-sdk-examplesAll code is available under the MIT license

Do you want to write code in a language other than the ones shown here? Talk to us on the discussion boards and we’ll try our best to make available resources in your favorite programming language.