Getting started


REST API v4 is the newest iteration of our application programming interface for


Your team can get started with the ProjectManager API right away - here’s how.

  1. All workspaces have access to the API. If you don’t have a workspace, create a free trial now!

  2. Once you have signed up for an account, any users with the Admin or Global Admin roles within your workspace can create an API key within ProjectManager. Remember to save your API key in your company’s secure credential storage system!

  3. Download the appropriate software development kit for your favorite programming language, or visit our API page to look at our Swagger/OpenAPI definitions.

C#PMTaskA command line application that demonstrates basic functionality like creating tasks. Run with dotnet run
PythonPython Task ListA basic program in Python that demonstrates connecting and retrieving tasks. Run with python .\
JupyterJupyter Task DataFrameA simple Jupyter notebook that retrieves tasks and displays them in a dataframe. Open in Visual Studio Code
TypeScriptTypeScript Task ListA basic program in TypeScript that demonstrates connecting and retrieving tasks. Run with npm start
JavaJava Task ListA simple Java console application that demonstrates connecting and retrieving tasks. Run with mvn exec:java -D"exec.mainClass=com.example.ExampleApp"

Using the API

All API calls to use the URL regardless of your workspace’s custom URL. You must use a bearer token to contact the API.

The API allows you to synchronize data from other systems to your project files and data.

The following are ideas for integrating with the ProjectManager API.

  • Notify your accounting system when a task is completed, so they can send an invoice to the customer
  • Import data from your internal IT systems into tasks
  • Run a security scan on your software and automatically create a task for each risk
  • Automatically synchronize comments to tasks

Common use cases

The ProjectManager API provides lots of features that you can use to help automate your day-to-day processes. One good way to get started is to look at the most commonly used APIs such as these:

If you want to look at some example code, check out our ProjectManager example code repository on github.


If you have any concerns or questions just drop us an email to

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