Getting started


Why does the API have different models for Create and Retrieve?

The ProjectManager API v4 provides customized data models for each type of API. This allows the API to expose only the fields that are relevant for each specific action.

As an example, some fields like ShortCode are assigned by the ProjectManager system. These fields are not available on the Create or Update models, but they appear on the Retrieve and Query models.

I’m using an older version of the API - how can I upgrade to v4?

The new REST API v4 provides much more functionality than the older V1 and V3 APIs. ProjectManager encourages everyone to upgrade as soon as possible.

Here’s how to upgrade.

API v3 Customers

If you’re on the API v3, you can start using API v4 calls right away. Just visit the ProjectManager v4 API keys page to learn how to create an API key for v4. Once you have an API key for v4, you can begin using one of ProjectManager’s available software development kits or begin writing your own code by viewing API documentation online.

API v1 Customers

Developers using the V1 API must schedule an upgrade for their account before they can begin using API v4. Contact your support representative today to schedule an upgrade at

How can I check on the status of the ProjectManager API?

The ProjectManager team monitors status of the application and API on - you can visit this site and bookmark it to be notified whenever an incident occurs that affects the usability of the API.

How do I know if ProjectManager is secure?

ProjectManager maintains information about its security certifications and policies on - customers can visit this site to request access to security certification documentation.

How can I get support as a developer?

If you need assistance with the ProjectManager application, please contact via email.