Getting started


The ProjectManager REST API v4 uses API keys generated from within the ProjectManager application.

Credentials are sent to the API using the Authorization header as follows:

$Authorization: Bearer <token>

Generating an API key

To create an API key to begin using the ProjectManager v4 API, follow these steps:

  1. Log onto your ProjectManager workspace. Note that each API key is tied to a workspace.

  2. Click on your name in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, then select “Account”. If you cannot see this option, check with your account representative to verify that you have been granted access to the REST API v4.

Click on your name in the lower left corner, then select Account

  1. On the “Account” popup, select the “API” tab on the left hand side.

Select the API tab

  1. Select the API V4 section and click “Create API Key”.

Give your API key a name

  1. Give your API key a name that you can use to remember it. When you click “Generate Tokens”, you MUST copy and save your API key. Once generated, the API key can never be viewed again.

  2. We recommend rotating your API keys regularly to ensure that none are leaked or accidentally shared outside your organization. You can use the API key screen to maintain and revoke old tokens and create new ones.

Revoke the API key

Using the SDK to authenticate

If you use a ProjectManager SDK, provide your token credentials using the WithBearerToken method as follows:

1return ProjectManagerClient
2 .WithCustomEnvironment(env)
3 .WithBearerToken(apiKey);

The value provided to WithCustomEnvironment should be The value provided to WithBearerToken should be the API key you generated.