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Does ProjectManager support webhooks?

I don't see any reference to webhooks in the API documentation. Am I missing it? Or is there some other mechanism for subscribing to events in the system (like new project created)?

Integration of Typescript

I got this error const projectmanager_sdk_1 = require("projectmanager-sdk"); ^ Error [ERR_REQUIRE_ESM]\: require() of ES Module /Users/locations/node_modules/projectmanager-sdk/dist/index.js from /Users/locations not supported. im using typescript, i have follow instruction from <https://github.com/projectmgr/projectmanager-sdk-typescript> but still get the error.

Python SDK -- Creating Project

Hello there, I'm trying to work with this API and as a part of that I was testing my understanding by trying to create a project. I attempted to do so with the following steps: 1. connect to PM client 2. create a new project with the `ProjectCreateDto` 3. provide `ProjectCreateDto` to the `create_project` method under the `projectClient `object (aka. `client.project.create_project(**kwargs)`) I am getting an error that the body argument provided to `projectClient.create_project()` cannot be converted to json. I tried just providing the `ProjectCreateDto` dict and that also didn't work. Notably, when I invoke the` to_dict()` method under the `ProjectCreateDto` object, I also get errors that the dataclass object has no `asdict()`method (though I know it does from `dataclass` documentation.) Please help if you can.

What are the assignedEffort Units?

_Replace Task Assignees_ supports an array of `ID` and `assignedEffort ` values. `assignedEffort` is an `int` but what is the unit? Hours? Arbitrary measures like story points? Something else? <https://api.projectmanager.com/api/data/tasks/{taskId}/assignees> Thanks

How to access custom project fields?

I'm evaluating the changes to move to the version 4 of the API and I'm stuck at getting the custom project fields. I can obtain their definitions by executing a `GET https://api.projectmanager.com/api/data/projects/fields` but it's not returned by the default `GET https://api.projectmanager.com/api/data/projects` I've tried with the `expand` param set to the name of the field I want to get (i.e. Probability) and I receive an error: $technicalError [1] "Could not load file or assembly 'System.Diagnostics.Tools, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=''. The system cannot find the file specified.\\n" $message [1] "Failed to get projects" Any advice here? Thanks!

InternalServerError when querying modifieddate

I use the .NET SDK for v4 Api and I am trying to query projects by modifieddate but I am getting an internal error. If I query using no filter, my test project is returned correctly: ```json json { "Error": null, "Success": true, "Status": 200, "Data": [ { "Id": "c7111784-b4a4-439c-805e-66a21a24514d", "Name": "My First Project", "Description": null, "ShortCode": "MyFirst", "ShortId": "M", "Folder": null, "Status": { "Id": "348d815d-d312-490b-8d22-535499ac2900", "Name": "Open", "IsDeleted": false }, "StartDate": "2023-11-20", "EndDate": "2024-05-27", "TargetDate": "2024-05-27", "PlannedStartDate": null, "PlannedFinishDate": null, "ActualStartDate": null, "ActualFinishDate": null, "Priority": { "Id": "670845dc-1523-4c57-a73d-8878a2f7c1c3", "Name": "Critical" }, "ChargeCode": null, "Manager": { "Id": "869b7bdd-487f-4963-a3ec-d2f0153652f7", "Name": "Jonas Lindgren", "Initials": null, "AvatarUrl": null }, "Customer": null, "Budget": null, "HourlyRate": 0.000000, "StatusUpdate": null, "ModifyDate": "2023-11-27T13:20:24.253", "CreateDate": "2023-11-27T13:20:24.253", "IsTemplate": false, "Favorite": false, "Members": [ { "Id": "b25b37fa-2a6d-43ec-a1fb-355c592c3eba", "Initials": null, "Name": "Andre Johansson", "AvatarUrl": null, "Permission": null, "Color": null, "PermissionOptions": null }, { "Id": "869b7bdd-487f-4963-a3ec-d2f0153652f7", "Initials": null, "Name": "Jonas Lindgren", "AvatarUrl": null, "Permission": null, "Color": null, "PermissionOptions": null } ], "Fields": { "ValueKind": 1 } } ], "FileData": null, "ServerDuration": 0, "TotalRoundtrip": 700 } ``` But if I try to query where the modifieddate is within a given timestamp interval like this: ```csharp var result = await clientV4.Project.QueryProjects(filter: "ModifyDate gt 2023-11-27T13:00:00.000 and ModifyDate lt 2023-11-27T13:00:00.000"); ``` I get an **InternalServerError ** response. What is wrong with my query? How can I query projects that have been modified withing a given time range **with minute precision**?

Can we still use V3 for our current API build, and V4 for new items?

Is it possible to use V3 for the things we do today and V4 for the things we want to, but cannot, do?

How to switch from v3 to v4 API?

If our team is currently using v3 of the API, how can we transition to the latest version v4? What updates are required?

Holidays in ProjectManager

Can we use the API for our Holidays?


Does ProjectManager require an API key?