Create Api Key

Creates a new API key for the current user with the specified options.

An API key is a credential that you can use to make REST v4 API calls for When you create a new API key, that API key is only visible in the response JSON for the CreateApiKey method. If you do not preserve this information, it cannot be recreated.

Some best practices for working with API keys: An API key is valid for a two year period after it is created. We encourage you to rotate your API keys regularly according to your company's security policies. You should create separate API keys for each system that works with your API. If that API key is exposed or if that program needs to be shut down, you can revoke that one key and reissue it. * An API key is tied to the workspace that created it. A single API key can only interact with one workspace.

Data Definition

See ApiKeyDto for the complete data definition.

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