Retrieve Completed Changeset

Retrieve a Changeset by its unique ID. This endpoint waits for the Changeset to complete its processing prior to returning a result.

A Changeset is an individual edit that has been made to a project. Since multiple users can edit a project at the same time, individual Changesets are applied in a sequential fashion. If a Changeset causes a conflict or cannot be applied, it will be rejected. You can examine a Changeset to determine its conflict resolution status.

When checking the status of a Changeset, you can call either RetrieveChangeset or RetrieveCompletedChangeset. Using RetrieveChangeset will give you the immediate status of the Changeset. Using RetrieveCompletedChangeset will delay the response until the Changeset has finished processing.

Although most Changesets complete instantly, some Changesets may need additional time to complete. If the Changeset cannot be processed within a reasonable length of time, this API call may fail. If this API fails, it will return a status error indicating the Changeset is still being processed.

Data Definition

See ChangesetGetResponseDto for the complete data definition.

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